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Hemp Natural Hemp Protein Powder 2.5Kg

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Product Description

HEMP Natural Protein Powder is ideal to support an Active Lifestyle: - Contains all 20 Amino Acids - Contains all 10 Essential Amino Acids - Contains Omega 3 (with SDA) - Good Fibre Content - Produced in the UK by Hemp Experts Braham & Murray - Free from Gluten, Dairy & Lactose, GMO, Hexane - Free from Pesticides and Herbicides, Additives and Preservatives - HEMP Natural Protein Powder Original only 15% Carbohydrate   ="style3"> Why choose Hemp Protein? Hemp is a unique plant based source of “complete protein” - containing all 20 amino acids, including the 10 essential amino acids, high dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Hemp as a crop is also beneficial to the environment. Hemp Protein contains Essential Fatty Acids – with the optimal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 (3:1) for the human body. These Essential Fatty Acids contribute towards general health, and specifically help circulation, the heart, hair and skin, joints and the immune system. Hemp does not contain the dioxins and toxins often found in oily fish, making it a unique source of the long chain fatty acids. Hemp Protein is a complete food - that is produced without heat. None of the natural goodness is destroyed in the production process. Summary of Protein Uses: ="1" cellpadding="0" width="74%"> ="23%"> Protein For... ="34%"> Protein Benefits ="2" width="40%"> Useful for... Muscle Repair ="2"> Helps muscles recover quickly from training and reduces muscle break down. ="39%"> Everyone who regularly trains - in the gym or for any sport. Especially important for Endurance Athletes. Building Muscle Mass ="2"> A good Protein source such as Hemp Natural Protein powder can contribute to building muscle mass (alongside training and a high calorie diet). ="39%"> Those aiming to gain muscle and weight. Especially good for Rugby players & Bodybuilders. Helping Weight Loss ="2"> Protein can aid Weight Loss as part of a balanced diet. Eating protein can reduce the appetite and also produce the hormone Glucagon, which stimulates the body to get rid of fat by burning it for energy. ="39%"> Anyone wishing to lose weight through eating a balanced diet and exercise. Hemp Protein vs. Whey Protein: ="1" cellpadding="0" width="75%"> ="66%"> Hemp Protein ="32%"> Whey Protein Lactose Free ="32%"> Unsuitable for those with Lactose Intolerance Easy to digest ="32%"> Excessive consumption can lead to bloating and cramps The Fibre content is good for the intestinal tract ="32%"> Excessive consumption can lead to intestinal toxemia Contains Essential Fatty Acids ="32%"> All fat is extracted No heat is used in the production of our Hemp Protein ="32%"> Most are heated during production, which kills the proteins ability to act as enzymes, the 'functional proteins' that speed up the rate of biochemical reaction in your body Hemp Protein vs. Soya Protein: ="1" cellpadding="0" width="74%"> ="60%"> Hemp Protein ="38%"> Soya Protein ="60%"> Completely Natural ="38%"> Most Soya Proteins have been treated with Hexane, a chemical used to extract fat ="60%"> GMO Free ="38%"> Most Soya Proteins are GMO (unless labelled otherwise) ="60%"> Easy to Digest ="38%"> Contains oliogosaccharides that cause gas and other stomach problems ="60%"> Contains Essential Fatty Acids ="38%"> All fat is extracted ="60%"> No heat is used in the production of our Hemp Protein ="38%"> Most are heated during production, which kills the proteins ability to act as enzymes, the 'functional proteins' that speed up the rate of biochemical reaction in your body About Protein Proteins are essential parts of organisms. They participate in virtually every process within cells. Many proteins are enzymes or 'functional proteins' that speed up the rate of biochemical reaction in your body by acting as a catalyst. These are vital to metabolism. Proteins also have structural or mechanical functions, such as actin and myosin in muscle and the proteins in the cytoskeleton, which form a system of scaffolding that maintains cell shape. Other proteins are important in cell signalling, immune responses, cell adhesion, and the cell cycle. Proteins are necessary in human diets, since we cannot synthesize all the amino acids we need and must obtain essential amino acids from food. Through the process of digestion, we break down ingested protein into free amino acids that are then used in metabolism. The amino acids that an organism cannot synthesize on its own (from other foods) are referred to as essential amino acids. Skin, hair, nails, bones, connective tissue and skeletal muscle are all predominantly made from Protein. Other proteins in your body include antibodies, enzymes and insulin. Protein is the second most abundant substance in the body after water, making up approximately 15-20%. In order for muscle growth to occur, you must consume more protein than your body utilises every day. Amino acids The smallest units of a protein are called amino acids that bond together to form protein. There are 20 amino acids that are required for growth and from these there are tens of thousands of different protein molecules that can be formed. Essential & Non-essential amino acids There are ten “Essential” amino acids that must be supplied through the diet – the body can produce the other ten. ="1" cellpadding="0" width="60%"> ="50%"> Essential Amino Acids ="50%"> Non-Essential Amino Acids Arginine Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Lysine Methionine Phenylalanine Threonine Tryptophan Valine Alanine Asparagine Aspartic Acid Cysteine Glutamic acid Glutamine Glycine Proline Serine Tyrosine Complete proteins are those that contain a balanced combination of all the amino acids, in the exact requirements for growth. These ‘complete proteins’ are easier for the body to absorb and use. Complete proteins include meats, fish, poultry, cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk, buckwheat, hempseed, meat, poultry, soybeans, quinoa, seafood, and spirulina. For most people of average weight, the protein intake is set at less than 70 grams each day. Athletes may require quite a bit more than this to support. Hemp Hemp is an ideal source of Protein and Essential Fatty Acids, (click here to find out more about it nutritional benefits), and the crop is also excellent for the environment. ="0" cellpadding="0" width="370"> Important benefits are: - Late spring sown crop - Very efficient carbon sequester - No use of any Pesticides or Herbicides - Great for the soil - Provides an excellent habitat for wildlife - Requires less fuel to grow and harvest than other crops as no need for chemical or mechanical weed control during the growing period. 100% of the crop is used: The hemp seeds are used for our Natural Hemp Protein and GOOD OIL - The fibre is used for BMW car doors, reducing the weight per car by approximately 1kg - The fibre is also used for highly effective insulation - The woody core is used in Hemcrete building products and also high quality animal bedding - Leaf matter supplies essential nutrients back to the soil as a natural fertiliser The Hemp Natural Protein Powder Production Process: - Grow Hemp without herbicides or pesticides - Harvest the seeds with the upmost care - Dry the seeds immediately to retain the goodness - Carefully select and clean the seeds - Cold Press the seeds to squeeze out the oil - Cold Mill the press cake to make Hemp Flour - Sieve the Hemp Flour to make Hemp Protein Powder The Organic Question: We produce the Hemp for our Hemp Natural Protein Powder naturally rather than organically – and here is why: - Natural Hemp production (which we do) is more sustainable and beneficial to the environment. Natural Hemp does not use pesticides or herbicides and provides an excellent habitat for wildlife throughout the year. - Our Natural Hemp requires no weed control during the growing period (either mechanical or chemical) because of timely sowing, good husbandry and beneficial crop rotation. - In our Natural Hemp crop, every aspect of the plant is used. Nothing is wasted. A Vegan diet does not necessarily mean a diet lacking in Protein, as there are many plant-based sources of Protein available. Most ‘complete’ proteins are derived from animals, so Hemp Protein is an ideal way to ensure a Vegan diet contains enough easily digestible protein to support an active lifestyle. Braham & Murray Hemp Natural Protein Powder is also rich in Essential Fatty Acids. It contains SDA, a potent form of Omega 3 that is usually only found in fish oil. SDA is easily absorbed by the body and converted into the longer chain fatty acids DHA and EPA. This process can be weak in some people so you may benefit from pharmaceutical grade fish oils to benefit from DHA and EPA. We Cold Press our Hemp Seeds, and then Cold Mill the flour, so our Natural Hemp Protein is suitable for Raw Food Diets. Our Natural Hemp Protein is approved by the Vegetarian Society & Vegan Society. ="disclaimer"> These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Energy: 496 kJ / 117 kcal
Protein: 22 g
Carbohydrate: trace
of which Sugar: trace
Fat: 3.3 g
of which Saturates: 0.4 g
of which Monounsaturates: 0.5 g
of which Polyunsaturates: 2.5 g
of which Omega 3: 0.4 g
of which Omega 6: 1.6 g
of which GLA: < 0.1 g
Fibre: 1.7 g
Salt: trace

100% Natural Hemp Protein. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 


Mix 1 serving (2 scoops) in Water, Smoothies, Juices, Yoghurts, Cereals or Shakes. Can be taken before and after exercise or simple as a natural source of Proteins, Omegas and Dietary Fibre.

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